Eyelash extensions are lightweight, tapered lashes of varying lengths (6mm-17mm), thickness and curl designed to attach to your natural lashes.  We use a combination of high-quality synthetic lashes, including Novalash and faux mink lashes to create a customized look for each client. All of our lashes are vegan, and we do not use animal-derived lashes.

Eyelash extensions won’t damage your lashes as long as they’re properly applied by a trained and certified lash technician using premium products and expert application and removal techniques. All adhesives we use are formaldehyde-free, latex-free and have been specifically designed for safe use with eyes.

It's typical for clients to come back every 3 to 4 weeks for a lash fill, where at least 50% of their original lashes remain and our lash artists can even out spots where lashes have naturally fallen. Remember, lash extensions are attached to your own native lashes, and therefore follow their natural growth cycle where you can lose between 1 to 4 lashes per day. If you've lost more than 50% of your lash extensions, a full set is recommended for a full and even look.

Aside from the normal cycle of growth and release, other factors which affect the duration of your extensions are: excessive moisture such as sweating, using oil-based products or cleansers on your eye, using regular mascara, poor cleaning and improper care such as rubbing your eyes or picking at your extensions.

You can extend the duration of your lashes by using a recommended lash wash for extensions, an extension-safe mascara and a clean mascara wand for cleaning and separating your lashes.

Lashes are applied while you are lying down with your eyes closed in a fresh, clean and warm spa bed. After cleaning and priming your lashes, your bottom lashes will be secured gently with adhesive under-eye pads, the lash extensions are then applied individually with medical-grade adhesive. If you have any sensitivity to the adhesive under-eye pads, our lash artists will use an alternative method based on your sensitivities to secure the area. We can also use adhesives specially designed for sensitive eyes if you have a history of allergic reactions. As with anything, the more you tell us your concerns, the better we can make the experience for you. Eyelash application generally takes between 60 to 120 minutes to apply a full set, while a lash fill can vary from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the lash artist, the volume and style of your lash set, and any specific requests you may have.

  • Please remove all eye makeup and clean the area with an oil-free cleanser.
  • We recommend removing contact lenses to avoid damaging your lashes in the first 24 hours.
  • Refrain from curling or perming your natural lashes since this will affect lash bonding.
  • Since you shouldn’t get your lashes wet for 24 hours after application, it’s usually best to wash your hair prior to your appointment.
  • DON’T expose your lashes or the eye area to moisture for at least 24 hours after your appointment.
  • DON’T rub your eyes or pick at your lashes.
  • DON’T sleep face down or use sleeping masks.
  • DON’T use face masks that contain Alpha or Beta Hydroxy, Vitamin C or any kind of acidic substance.
  • DON’T hang out in humid environments like steam rooms, saunas, heated yoga rooms or tanning salons.
  • DON’T use oil-based products or waterproof mascara or eye liner.
  • Make sure to schedule regular fills every 2-4 weeks to keep them looking great!
  • Only use oil-free make up remover around your eyes.  Be delicate around your lash line.
  • Clean your extensions with a lash wash, a lash brush and brush them out with a spoolie at night and after activities such as swimming and working out (to get rid of chlorine, salt, sweat and oils). Only use a cleanser specifically formulated for lashes. We recommend the Novalash After Care Kit or iLashCare by JB Lashes.
  • Eyelash extensions must be removed by a trained and certified Eyelash Technician. The process is quick, painless and won’t harm your natural lashes.  Please do not attempt to remove the extensions yourself, you will most likely end up pulling your lashes out without realizing it.

  • Anyone with adhesive allergies.
  • Anyone prone to rubbing their eyes.
  • Anyone who’s had chemotherapy in the last 6 months.
  • Anyone who's on Thyroid Medication may find keeping the lashes beyond 2 weeks a challenge.
  • Anyone that's had Lasik must wait at least 4 weeks after their procedure and get their doctor's approval.
  • Anyone that's had an eyelift (blepharoplasty) must wait 4 to 6 months after the operation and acquire their doctor's approval.
  • Anyone with a medical condition related to their eyes, sight or eye area should consult their doctor first.
  • Normal use of eye makeup is fine, but avoid oil-based or waterproof mascara or eyeliner. Most mascara will shorten the life of your eyelash extensions causing them to fall out sooner. Care must also be taken when removing makeup. Do not use any products that contain oils – these will weaken the adhesive bond and cause eyelash extensions to fall off prematurely.

    If you'd like to use mascara, we recommend specially formulated extension mascaras designed to be non-adverse to the adhesive and safe.

    Eyelash curlers are unnecessary since eyelash extensions are already curled and a curler may potentially damage your lashes.

    If you've never had eyelash extensions before, we recommend getting a full set 2-4 weeks beforehand, then getting a fill shortly before the event. This provides enough time to determine if you’re in love with your new lashes or you’d like adjustments to be made.

    As a beauty and wellness business, the health and safety of our clients and employees are a number one priority.  Knowing how intimate lash and skincare services are and how closely our therapists work with our clients, we’ve taken additional precautionary steps above and beyond normal sanitation guidelines to be extra vigilant in addressing  potential exposures to the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Using guidance established by @WHO, @CDCgov and because we’re in LA county, @lapublichealth we’ve established protocols for use with our staff and in day to day business.

    • Spa and Therapists must wash their hands with soap & hot water for at least 20 seconds after contact with their own persons, each client, any food and/or drink, or any food or drink containers, after bathroom use, after touching common area items such as doorknobs and ipads, and after handling money or credit cards.
    • When coughing or sneezing tissues must be used, and immediately discarded in a covered trash receptacle,  hands must then be washed with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.  As much as possible, staff must excuse themselves to the lavatory if they feel like they need to cough or sneeze where they can wash their hands immediately.
    • Hand-sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol content must be used at regular intervals as an added layer of protection
    • The usual industry Sanitation Guidelines must be followed, including but not limited to linen change, cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing the workspace and tools, as well as assuring each set of tools used is fresh and clean for each client.
    • Typically handled fixtures such as door knobs, iPads, keyboards, tip jars and common area furnishings such as waiting room seating, coffee tables, break room tables, chairs, and the lavatory must be cleaned with a disinfectant and swabbed regularly through the day.
    • Staff must diligently avoid touching their face, nose and mouth, and as much as possible, avoid unnecessary contact outside of service.
    • Face Masks are mandatory during all services.
    • None of our staff have recently traveled since the end of 2019, but we also request they report any illness, any contact with suspected ill persons, while also practicing safety protocols to keep themselves in good health.
    We get up to date information about COVID-19 in LA County and are monitoring it closely through the specific county guidance, as well as the CDC. We encourage clients to contact us if they have any questions or concerns about how we address the risk of COVID-19 exposure, and are happy to help put your fears to rest.