Hello, Beautiful.  Ready to let your eyes do the talking?   

We believe every woman is a true original.  As unmatched and unique as you are, our lashes are customized to enhance your beauty.  Maybe you like it subtle or maybe you like it proud, our certified and experienced estheticians are here to get your gorgeous on in the safest, healthiest way.

We use silk and mink lashes, designed to be feather-light and easy to wear.  With clean and safe application, we use medical grade adhesives to keep your peepers nice and bright so you can focus on the fun part - being the only YOU the world has ever seen.

You've got options. From lash volume, lash style and even, colors - Chaka Khan was right.
You're every woman and we're here for every version you want to be.

Volume Options

The Natural Full Set   |   $99
With a single extension applied to each natural lash, you leave them guessing.
This is a natural look that enhances your original volume.
60 minutes  |  1 hour

The Natural Refill          |   $65
60 minutes  |  1 hour

The Hybrid Full Set   |   $135
A 50/50 hybrid of natural and volume lashes, mixing 1:1 lashes with 2-3D lashes for a fuller look.
90 minutes  |  1.5 hours

The Hybrid Refill        |  $65
60 minutes  |   1 hour


The Volume Set       |   $200    When you want to make a statement. Your stylist will apply two or more lightweight lashes onto each individual lash to create a luscious full set. Uses 2D to 9D volume lashes. 120 minutes  |  2 hours

The Volume Refill    |   $85
90 minutes    |   1.5 hours


The Natural in:
100% Mink            |   Plus $25

100% Novolash    |   Plus $35

Ombré                   |   Plus $25  

The Hybrid in:
100% Mink            |   Plus $35

100% Novolash    |   Plus $45

Ombré                   |   Plus $30

Ombré Colors Available in: Copper, Goddess Green, Purple Rain, Sable Brown, Indigo Blue, Rage Red, Orange Pop, Limoncello

The Volume in:
100% Mink            |   Plus $50

100% Novolash    |   Plus $50

Ombré                   |   Plus $45


Lash Removal - Existing Clients      |   $15
Lash removals are not charged additionally if refilling.

Lash Removal - External Salon Lashes    |   $25
Lash removals are not charged additionally if refilling.

About Fills

A lash refill is recommended every 2-3 weeks.  Remember, lash extensions are bound to your own lashes which naturally shed at a rate of 2 to 5 lashes per day or approximately 25 plus lashes per week.  This shed rate could be higher if you live a particularly active lifestyle with lots of sweating and exposure to humidity.

As with any beauty treatment, lashes need maintenance and care.  Lash refills include cleansing, priming, removal and replacement of outgrown lashes.  To help your lashes thrive, we always check the health of your natural lashes during each refill and would advise if you need a break.

To keep your lash look divine, refills can only be done when 50% of the original set remain.  This is to keep the extensions even, fresh and you definitely looking your best!

Package Options

The Natural 5 for 6 Refill Package           |   $325
Buy 5 Natural Lash Refills and Get 1 Free
60 minutes  |  1 hour

The Hybrid Refill 5 for 6 Package        |  $325
Buy 5 Hybrid Refills and Get 1 Free
60 minutes  |   1 hour

The Volume 5 for 6 Fill Package    |   $425
Buy 5 Volume Refills and Get 1 Free
90 minutes    |   1.5 hours


Style Options

Each treatment requires careful cleansing before, and moisturizing after, to stimulate and restore skin cell activity. 90 minute facials also include massage, exfoliation, extraction and a treatment mask. 

Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion: $65 (60min), $95 (90min)
Our Microdermabrasion treatment finely sloughs off blemishes, scars, skin debris and uneven pigmentation. Ultrasonic vibrations are then released to stimulate collagen production, increase blood circulation and prepare the skin for product absorption.

Oxygen Facial: $95 (90min)
This facial treatment improves your complexion, increases blood circulation, nourishes your skin and promotes collagen growth.

LED Light Therapy: $65 (60min), $95 (90min)
Celluma light therapy uses wavelengths that are scientifically proven to stimulate fibroblasts to increase collagen and elastin. It’s a natural, non-toxic, non-invasive solution to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles or destroy acne-causing bacteria — clearing up existing blemishes and preventing future breakouts.

Deep Cleansing Facial: $75 (60min)
Perfect for clients who haven't had a facial in over a year or those prone to breakouts with oily or combination skin. It includes an enzyme peel in addition to the massage, exfoliation and extraction.

Anti-aging Facial: $95 (90min)
Designed to counter major biochemical reactions that start the aging process, leaving your skin healthy, firm and smooth. Your facial treatment will incorporate exfoliation, collagen stimulating massage techniques that release tension and a multivitamin power recovery masque.

Mini Facial: $50 (30-45min)
A less intense facial that includes everything except for an extraction.

Glycolic Peel: $65 (60min), $95 (90min)
This treatment is best for skin that's dull and dry or pigmented and uneven. It removes dead skin cells, leaving your skin smoother and brighter. (Please note: light peeling may occur. Sun exposure is not recommended at least two weeks post-treatment).

The Perfection Lift (strong peel): $95 (60min)

Acne Treatment: $75 (add on LED Light for $45)
This treatment includes a deep cleansing, extraction and a sebum clearing mask to purge your skin of impurities and help prevent further breakouts.

Back Treatment: $75 (45-60min)
Great for clients with oily skin or those prone to breakouts, this treatment includes a deep cleansing, extraction, enzyme peel and massage to purge your skin of impurities.

The Acne Lift: $95 (60min)

Chest Scrub: $65 (45-60min)

Ear Candling: $35 (20min)

Facial Package: Purchase 5 facial treatments and get 1 free.

Products Used: Skin script, Eminence, Image, Wilma Schumann & La Belle

Waxing Menu

Eyebrow Cleanup: $10
Eyebrow Shaping: $15
Lip: $8
Full Face: $30 (brow not included)

Underarms: $15
Half Arm: $20
Full Arm: $35
Upper Back (women): $25
Upper Back (men): $35
Upper Back & Shoulders (women): $35
Upper Back & Shoulders (men): $50
Full Back & Shoulders (women): $40
Full Back & Shoulders (men): $55

Bikini: $28
Half Leg: $30
Full Leg: $55

Cancellation Policy

Your appointment is time set aside just for you, this time is protected to give you the best service possible.   Life happens, here's what you need to know in case you need to cancel or change your appointment:

- Cancellations and reschedules must be made 24 hours in advance.  If a cancellation or reschedule is made less than 24 hours in advance, a $35 late change fee will be applied.  NO SHOWS incur the full amount of the service.

- Same day appointments made within a 24 hour time period must cancel or reschedule within 4 hours of their appointment or a $35 late change fee will be charged.

- LATE ARRIVALS: Please note that if you are more than 10 minutes late for your service, we may not be able to accommodate the service or services booked.  If at all possible, we would do our best to complete the service upon your arrival but as other clients may be scheduled, this will shorten the time allotted for you and may impact the quality of your treatment.  Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance incur a $35 late change fee.

- NO SHOWS: The full amount of your service will be charged.

- A credit card is required to hold your appointment. Cancellation fees will be charged to the card on file.

Thank you for reviewing and supporting our policies.